Luca has a Post-PhD in Urbanism from the Faculdade Estadual de Campinas, a PhD in Economic Assessment and two degrees in Architecture and in Engineering Architecture, from the Politecnico di Torino. He joins UDSU in 2012 as a visiting researcher, to focus on Urban Quality of Life, Amenities-Centralities Spatial Distribution, Property Value and Spatial Equilibrium.

His research covers Spatial Equilibrium Analysis in cities, urban spatial analysis on the relation among urban transformations, quality of life and the economic value of the areas. He participated in the project JESSICA: Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City, where he analysed the time series of several indices related to the real estate market in Italian cities and proposed the most important indexes for measuring the trend and attractiveness of the major 103 Italian cities from the point of view of the real estate market. He was a PRIN member (Research Projects of Relevant National Interest) on the Research Project: effects of urban transformation on local economical systems and real estate markets. He wrote a model for the simulation of the positional value in urban contest to assess the change of the economic positional value of city areas in relation to  urban transformation and growth. He also wrote several indicators and proposed a methodology to plan the best location for new urban poles and to value the social benefit given by city amenities and city centralities. In 2007he was invited by the ‘Universita’ degli studi Mediterranea’ to  explain a possible ‘master-plan’ to guide the best location and a way to use European finance for the reclaiming of Calabria’s cities. In 2012 he was invited by Cambridge University to explain some of his research.

In 2010 he wrote about a way to think about and assess wellbeing and progress of societies, which was later quoted in the Societal Indicators Bibliography in a report by NASA. pg.64 (ref. 101).


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