Bryce is currently doing research in city identity and place attachment, specifically on the formation of place attachment through the physical construction of places, how this process has changed in modern times, its modern equivalents, style preference, and the public/private edge. Bryce begins his PhD in 2011, as Fulbright scholar, through the prestigious Fulbright Commission.

Bryce has a background in Landscape Architecture from the Utah State University (USA) and a has a Masters of Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA). He has a unique understand of the built form and the relationship people have with their environment through various research endeavours and prolonged residences in a wide range of living environments, from the most rural to the most dense, spanning a large portion of the world.

In particular, Bryce conducted research for  two years in Nanning, China on urban characteristics of rural China and city identity in China.


  • Fulbright-Strathclyde Research Scholar 2011-2014
  • Phillip D. Peters Regional Planning Fellowship Finalist 2007
  • University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Research Assistantship 2006-2007 American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Merit 2004
  • David Jensen Scholarship 2003
  • Utah State University Presidential Scholarship 1996
  • Illinois Institute of Technology Henry Heald Scholarship 1996
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology Architectural Design Competition Finalist 1995


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