Holmhead Ahead

The draft foundation masterplan for Holmhead Ahead identifies the key strategic moves which have lead to [...]

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Town Centre Foundation Masterplan

The foundation masterplan of Cumnock's Town Centre aims to reconnect the town centre into a strong [...]

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Netherthird Foundation Masterplan

Netherthird were developed as satellite neighborhood of Cumnock. It originally was to rehouse the miners from various miners [...]

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Woodroad Park Foundation Masterplan

Woodroad Park is currently a low-traffic naturalized area sitting under utilized amidst the edges of neighbourhoods; [...]

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Caponacre Foundation Masterplan

The goal of this project is to reintroduce the Caponacre Industrial Estate as a positive entity [...]

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A Study of Two Communities: Townhead and Barshare

The site of our Foundation Masterplan encompasses the communities of Townhead and Barshare.  Lying to the [...]

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