Maddalena Iovene

After graduating in Architecture at the IUAV (Architecture University Institution of Venice) with 110/110, Maddalena begins [...]

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UDSU: history, mission and ethos

History UDSU - Urban Design Studies Unit at the University of Strathclyde (see the Strathclyde website) was [...]

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Contact UDSU

UDSU – Urban Design Studies Unit Department of Architecture University of Strathclyde John Anderson Campus, Architecture [...]

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Sergio Porta - Head of Department

Dr. Sergio Porta is Professor of Urban Design, Head of Department and Director of the Urban [...]

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Dr. Ombretta Romice - MSc Director

Dr Ombretta Romice is Senior Lecturer in Urban design at the Department of Architecture, University of [...]

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Kevin Thwaites, research partner

Kevin completed education in Landscape Architecture at Leeds in 1983 and has since worked in both [...]

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Paola Pasino

Research interests: Environmental and Social Determinants of Quality of Life. My research aims to unveil the relationship [...]

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Adel Remali

Research interests: Applying urban morphology towards a more sustainable urban fabric in city centre of Tripoli. The [...]

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Peter Russell

Peter is a designer with a multidisciplinary background and an interest in exploring the interrelated fields [...]

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Jacob Dibble

Jacob begins his PhD in Urban Morphology in October 2012. Jacob comes from a background in [...]

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Alex Maxwell

Alex begins his PhD in October 2012, commissioned as a Fulbright Scholar, a prestigious award to [...]

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Alessandra Feliciotti

Alessandra started her PhD with UDSU in October of 2013. After completing the MSc studio as [...]

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Bryce Bushman

Bryce is currently doing research in city identity and place attachment, specifically on the formation of place [...]

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Gordon Barbour

Although Gordon has been very involved with UDSU for several years, as a guest lecturer, resource [...]

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Luca D'Acci

Luca has a Post-PhD in Urbanism from the Faculdade Estadual de Campinas, a PhD in Economic Assessment and [...]

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Dr. Andrea Cardini, research partner

Andrea Cardini is PhD in animal biology and assistant researcher at the University of Modena, Department [...]

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Dr. Vito Latora, research partner

Vito Latora is  assistant professor in Physics at the University of Catania, Italy and the scientific director [...]

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Dr. Eugenio Morello

A trained architect, Eugenio Morello is Assistant Professor in Urban Design at the Politecnico di Milano [...]

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Emanuele Strano

Emanuele is currently a PhD student at LaSig, Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems at the EPFL [...]

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