This project delas with broken urban fabric nortwards from City Centre.  It starts with tunneling the existing motorway as adopted explored scenario from Strategic phase and recreating the urban fabric on new free land above it. The wide study area covers many areas different in nature, which requires different approach. Firstly it is Cowcaddens, which will be revitalised in terms of socio-economics and environmental quations. Secondly, Townhead where new Student Village is proposed, further more Sighthill, where the park revitalisation is proposed and new urban structure introduced to create a residential community-oriented area. Fourthly Port Dundas and Clyde Canal, which would become a new leisure centre surrounded by mixed use and light industry areas. Fifthly  it is an area of Spier Locks, which should become new cultural centre with reviving the Opera house and National Theatre, and finally new Chinatown which will also provide a cultural awarness and vibrant experiences.

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