Articles 2010: Elements of urban form

Ref: Dempsey N, Brown C, Raman S, Porta S, Jenks M, Jones C, Bramley G, (2010), [...]

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Articles 2010: Geospatial analysis and living urban geometry

Ref: Pagliardini, P. Porta, S. Salingaros, N. (2010), Geospatial analysis and living urban geometry, in Jiang [...]

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Articles 2010: Networks in Urban Design: six years of MCA research

Ref: Porta, S., Latora, V., & Strano, E. (2010). Networks in Urban Design: six years of [...]

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Articles 2010: 'Emergent Neighborhoods' model and '400mts Rule'

Ref: Mehaffy M, Porta S, Rofè Y, Salingaros N, 2010, Urban nuclei and the geometry of [...]

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Articles 2010: Network Kernel Density of activities in Barcelona

Ref: Produit T, Lachance N, Strano E, Porta S, Joost S, 2010, A network based Kernel Density [...]

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Articles 2010: Centrality and land use intensity in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Ref: Wang F, Antipova A, Porta S, 2010, Street centrality and land use intensity in Baton [...]

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Articles 2009: Centrality and retail in Bologna

Ref: Porta S, Strano E, Iacoviello V, Messora R, Latora V, Cardillo V, Wang F, Scellato [...]

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Articles 2009. Solar Envelopes and DEM

Ref: Morello E, Ratti C, 2009, Sunscapes: ‘Solar envelopes’ and the analysis of urban DEMs, Computers, [...]

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West of Scotland RTPI Award for Excellence

The RTPI West of Scotland Chapter's Convener John Walls reviews the Award for Excellence 2010 given [...]

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Emerging Neighborhood model: slideshow from CNU.17 2009

A version of our presentation at the 17th Congress of New Urbanism in Denver, USA, in [...]

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MSc_UD: feed back from 2009-10 students...WOW!

We have just processed feed back data from students who attended our MScUD course of year [...]

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