Roger Ebert on modern architecture and Chicogwarts

Have  a look at this recent article of Roger Ebert on the Chicago Sun-Times. Interesting enough, Roger's [...]

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Emanuele speaking at Artificial Life Conference- Odense

Emanuele will be speaking soon at the Artificial Life Conference- Odense, next 19-23 August 2010. He [...]

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Our 'Emergent Neighbourhoods' model reviewed on Planetizen

Link to article on Planetizen. Fanis Grammenos has reviewed our article on Urban Design International on [...]

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Articles 2008. The World’s Longest Mistake

Ref: Porta S, 2008, The World’s Longest Mistake: Sustainable Urban Design and the Renovation of Social [...]

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Education 2008. Analytical tools for time-conscious urban design

Ref: Porta S. (2008), Analytical tools for time-conscious urban design, in Thwaites K, Romice O, Porta [...]

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Articles 2008. The spatial analysis of urban systems

Ref: Porta S, Latora V. (2008), The spatial analysis of urban systems: Multiple Centrality Assessment and [...]

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