Kevin Thwaites

Kevin completed education in Landscape Architecture at Leeds in 1983 and has since worked in both private practice and higher education. Kevin’s research interests and activities stem from PhD work completed in 1999 and relate primarily to the philosophy and theory of landscape design and spatial experience in urban and residential settings. Kevin is an active advocate of and contributor to innovations in research led teaching and the potential this has for translating new thinking in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design for student and practitioner audiences. Research and teaching has a phenomenological emphasis, focusing on human experience and its expression in everyday urban outdoor environments. Kevin is a member of the Board of Trustees of IAPS (the International Association for People-environment Studies) and along with Terry Hartig (SLU), and Jenny Roe, co-convener of the Restorative Environments IAPS network.  Along with Experiential Landscape colleagues Dr Ian Simkins and Dr Alice Mathers, Kevin is a director of Experiemics Ltd, the consultancy arm of Experiential Landscape research.

Selected publications:

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