Emanuele Strano

Emanuele is currently a PhD student at LaSig, Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems at the EPFL in Losan, Switzerland. He is a usual collaborator with Professor Sergio Porta.

Emanuele is a bachelor in Architecture at Polytechnic of Milan. Emanuele has shifted from Architecture to scientific research following a multidisciplinary research approach that is built upon complex network theory, urban morphology, geo statistic and GIS, and evolutionary biology. The main aim of his research is to improve the knowledge about dynamics, form and ecology of urbanization processes. More specifically at UDSU Emanuele is leading several research projects based on international partnerships that include different teams and specific research objectives. Recent projects include:

  • Understanding accessibility in urban spatial network, with Prof. Luciano a Fontoura Costa, Matheus Viana and Bruno Travencolo at the Physics Institute of San Carlo,  University of San Paolo.
  • Network Kernel Density and the relation between centrality indexes and retails' location in urban environment, with Prof Francois Golay, Nicolas Lachance-Bernard and Timothee Produit at LASIG, Laboratory of Geographic Information System, EPFL Losan.
  • Physarum simulation and computing Vs city allocation theories and emergence in human transportation system, with Prof. Andrew Adamatzky and Jeff Jonef at the International Center for Unconventional Computing, University of the West of England.

Recent Publications and presentations

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E. Strano. Evolution of street network, a 200 years old empirical case study. (2012)AGILE Workshop on Complexity Modeling for Urban Structure and Dynamics, Avignon (France).

M. Austwick, E. Strano, M. Viana and O. O'Brien.(2012) Network approaches to journeys on the London bicycling sharing system. AGILE Workshop on Complexity modeling for urban structure and dynamics, Avignon (France).

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