Dr. Eugenio Morello

A trained architect, Eugenio Morello is Assistant Professor in Urban Design at the Politecnico di Milano since June 2010. He was previously a Roberto Rocca postdoctoral fellow at the Human Space Lab, Politecnico di Milano (2009) and at the SENSEable City Lab, MIT (2008). He was also adjunct professor at the Politecnico di Milano, where he teached urban design.  He holds a PhD in environmental design and building technology from the Politecnico di Milano (2006). His research interest is urban environmental quality and urban morphology. He works in particular with digital simulations and prediction models using 3-D and LiDAR data.


  • (2008) Winner of the “Premio Tesi 2007” organized by the Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Bolzano, 2nd prize.
  • (2008) Winner of the Roberto Rocca Post doctoral Fellowship.
  • (2006) Winner of the A.N.D.I.L. Fellowship.
  • (2005) DRIN 199750 scholarship by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and Regione Lombardia to support the research visiting period at MIT.
  • (2003) Winner of the Politecnico di Milano 3 years scholarship as Ph.D. candidate.

Recent Publications:

  • Carneiro C., Morello E., Voegtle T., Golay F., (2010 accepted for publication) “Digital urban morphometrics: Automatic extraction and assessment of morphological properties of buildings”, Transactions in GIS.
  • Morello E., Gori V., Balocco C., Ratti C., (2009), Sustainable urban block design through passive architecture: A tool that uses urban geometry optimization to compute energy savings, Proceedings of the 26nd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Quebec City, Canada.
  • Carneiro C., Morello E., Desthieux G., (2009), “Assessment of solar irradiance on the urban fabric for the production of renewable energy using LIDAR data and image processing techniques”, in Sester M., Bernard L., Paelke V. (editors), Advances in GIScience, Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography, Springer.
  • Morello E., (2009), “Progettazione ambientale della forma urbana”, in Bertoldini M., Campioli A. (editors), Cultura tecnologica e ambiente, UTET Città Studi Edizioni, Torino.
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  • Morello E., Ratti C., (2009), “A Digital Image of the City: 3-D isovists in Lynch’s Urban Analysis”, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 36, 837-853.
  • Morello E., Ratti C., (2009), SunScapes: ‘solar envelopes’ and the analysis of urban DEMs. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 33, 26-34.
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